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The Perzina LegacyText Box: Perzina Pianofabrik Lenzen GmbH Deutschland

Vertical Piano Innovations & Features








Text Box:                                         The Perzina piano soon became one of Germany’s                                                    most influential and prestigious brands.  Many of the best                                         musicians and world leaders purchased Perzina pianos.                                         These included the Arch-Duke of Mecklenberg, Duke of                                         Oldenburg, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, and                                         Hendrik of Mecklenberg-Schwerin.  Around 1900 the                                         Perzina factory was the largest piano factory in Northern                                         Germany.  Today in Germany and other European                                                          countries, Perzina is a household known name.
Text Box: which means brothers Perzina.  As business increased, the Perzina factory was moved to a larger facility in the German town of Lenzen.

Text Box: Perzina pianos are recognized for their remarkably beautiful   tone and sound.  Today’s   Perzina piano is still one of  the world’s best pianos.  The vertical models use the patented floating-







Text Box: soundboard, floating-plate, and reverse (concave) soundboard crown design.  These patents and features are exclusive to Perzina manufactured vertical pianos.
Text Box: The Perzina factory and grounds in Lenzen Germany are now owned by European businessman Ronald Bol, and the corporate headquarters is in Veenendaal,

Text Box:                                                                              Netherlands.  Due to international                                                                              demand for the product, a new                                                                                factory is being built (years 2003 – 2006)                                                                               under the supervision of Mr. Bol                                                                                and the Gebr. Perzina technical                                                                                staff.  All of the Perzina pianos                                                                                continue to use the highest                                                                              manufacturing standards and the                                                                               industry’s best components.